Repair Vendor Portal

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What type of user accounts exist?
Repair Center Admin: can access all data and download invoices individually as well as in bulk, this role manages the Associate accounts for the relevant Repair Center.
Repair Center Associate: can access all data and download invoices individually.

How can the Admin set up or modify Associate accounts?
Under progress...

What does RMA stand for?
Return Merchandise Authorization.

What can be the cause when the search does not return any results?
Spelling mistake, the RMA is case sensitive and the Order ID needs to be in full lengths including the hyphens. Mismatch of selected search type and entered value.
There might be no RMA assigned to the specific Repair Center. Though unusual a customer may have sent in a product without an RMA.

How can invoices be downloaded?
Search by RMA or Order ID. Click on the link of the invoice and the invoice download will begin.

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